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Updated 10 Oct 2012


ffashion consumers, who have only ever viewed the f 88 Luxury Energy Drink and f 18 Luxury Acai Energy Drink on advertisements through FashionTV, can now have the product in their hands. The internationally recognised luxury energy drink was introduced in Africa by Truval Manufacturers Ltd in February 2012, and is gradually gaining popularity. A product of FashionTV, the energy drink that began production in Austria from 2010 has already made its mark in more than 50 countries and is now luring African customers to get a taste of it.

F88 & F18 luxury energy drink are reportedly based on an improved formula, which has been especially developed to provide intense sustainable energy boost for those who lead active and vigorous lifestyles. "This energy drinks can be enjoyed by themselves or as a mixer, at work or with friends, when partying or relaxing," said Russell Connelly, Managing Director of ffashion, sole distributor of FashionTV drinks in Africa, adding that a can of f 88 Luxury Energy Drink or f 18 Luxury Acai Energy Drink revitalises both physically and mentally. "It contains alpine water but no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives," he said. According to him, most energy drinks available in the domestic market are chemically manufactured, making them unsuitable for heart patients. He informed, "F88 & F18 have maintained European standards with proportional composition of the ingredients, making it one of the healthiest choices for consumers." The company claims that their product has minimal side effects when compared to other energy drinks.

Available in 250 ml cans, its market price is R18.00 and is selling through a number of major retailers throughout South Africa and soon in Africa. Excited with the initial response received by the energy drink, he said, "Unlike other brands of energy drinks, we have our own niche market for f 88 Luxury Energy Drink and f 18 Luxury Acai Energy Drink." The company claims that the product is most preferred by urban consumers, and is consumed at clubs, restaurants, and bars. When asked about the product’s branding, he said, "We are privileged as there is frequent airing of television commercial of ffashion on FTV, which is great for brand visibility." According to him, they have also been embracing print media and sponsoring events for additional publicity, and the company spends approx. 20 per cent of its total profits on brand publicity, Connelly revealed, "We are soon going to incorporate an innovative publicity tool at various stores to promote the brand." Besides f 88 Luxury Energy Drink and f 18 Luxury Acai Energy Drink, Truval Manufacturers has also been distributing F Vodka, which is produced in Poland.